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Today's Headlines

Marketers Must React to Changing Consumer Behavior Caused by Technology

Helen Leggatt

The use of technology is changing consumer behavior and a survey conducted in the U.K. demonstrates that marketers need to react to changing habits and provide engaging content outside of traditional time-frames.

One thousand U.K. consumers were questioned by Toluna to discover which devices they used to access the Internet and how they used those devices. It found that technology's intrusion into everyday life elicits mixed emotions. While 85% claimed ...

Quick Guide to Big Data Use and Opportunities

Mallory Barbee

We’ve been hearing about big data for the past few years. But how many of us have taken the time to learn exactly what it is? Or how it is likely to affect our customers, and their businesses? And even our own banks?

In his Data Crush: How the Information Tidal Wave is Driving New Business Opportunities, Christopher Surdak argues that if companies hope to remain relevant over the next several years they must not only understand big data but take decisive steps to harness its power for themselves...

Macy's Offers Digital Wallet Option

Vicki M. Young

Macy’s Inc. on Tuesday offered its customers a digital wallet option to store and manage Macy’s offers as well as payment options online. Users first need to fill out a profile, and once the individual is signed into that profile, the person can then choose My Wallet on the navigation menu. Users who register their Macy’s credit card will see Star Passes promotions automatically added to the wallet. Users can add up to 10 credit card options.

Users who ...

Square Cash Now Supports Peer-to-Peer Payments Sent via Text Message

Kevin Fitchard

Square is making its already simple consumer payments network that much easier to use with a new SMS feature that lets you send funds to anyone with a mobile phone number.

When Square launched its Cash peer-to-peer payments service last year, it made transferring funds as simple as sending an email. Apparently that wasn’t easy enough. A new update to Square Cash now lets customers transfer funds through a text message.

Square doesn’t use ...

Less Than Half of Marketers Say the C-Suite "Gets" Digital

Phil Britt

The long road to digital marketing leadership starts with organizational alignment, a study finds.
Companies identified as “digital marketing leaders” in the latest marketing study from Epsilon and Econsultancy tend to have better alignment throughout their organization about the digital marketing strategy, as well as better financial performance and customer retention, than their peers.

Hey B-to-B Marketers: Lighten Up with the Business-Speak

Anelia Varela

I was having coffee with one of my clients last week when the Oxford English Dictionary's latest lineup of new words came up.
"I can't believe they've included YOLO (you only live once)," she said. "What's the world coming to?"

Language evolves, I told her. It's a good thing.

Unfortunately, the business world -- and in particular, the business-to-business world ...

Tags: B2B, Content, Copy

Here's to the Branchless Bank

Tom Levey

Some years ago NatWest bank ran a TV ad campaign which depicted an elderly lady struggling through a snowy high street trying to find a bank, only to find that every branch had been turned into a ‘trendy wine bar’. The message was that no amount of telephone banking (the Internet was then in its infancy) could replace the security and convenience of popping into your local branch and chatting to a familiar bank manager.

Lessons in Typography from the World’s Most Powerful Brands

Allison McCartney

The fonts you choose for both your logo and your content can say a lot about your brand. Because of this, big brands are extremely particular about their typography choices and smaller brands can learn a lot from studying their visual decision making.

After looking at the corporate styling guides for many of the companies on Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful brands, several trends became apparent.

For better or for worse, everyone still loves Helvetica ...

Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL): Why Text Message Marketing is Much Safer than E-Mail Marketing

Bob Bentz

Marketing in Canada sure changed on Canada Day (July 1, 2014) this year. That’s when the new Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL) went into effect.

CASL provides one of the strictest anti-spam regulations in the world and it’s clearly designed to drive spammers out of Canada. And, if you think you’re exempt just because your company is headquartered in the States, think again. Canadian regulatory agencies are working closely with US regulators like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to enforce both CASL and its US version, ironically called the CAN-SPAM Act...

Visa Checkout Redesign Improves Adoption, PNC Says

David Heun

The launch of Visa Checkout has attracted more interest from consumers than the launch of its earlier incarnation,, according to PNC Bank.

"Since the rebranding, we have seen the number of customers enrolling in the service double from its previous launch," said Tom Kunz, senior vice president of digital for PNC, one of Visa's launch partners for both iterations of its digital payment product....