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Today's Headlines

Orbitz Excited About Launch of Orbitz Rewards Visa Card

Jim Tierney

To say that Chris Orton, COO & President, Orbitz Worldwide, is excited about today’s launch of the Orbitz Rewards Visa Card would be an understatement.

Besides the plethora of benefits travelers can receive from the Orbitz Rewards Visa Card, Orton is confident his company’s new Rewards Visa Card is superior to any others in the industry. The new credit card launch comes six months after Orbitz unveiled its Orbitz Rewards loyalty program.

“We’ve been on a journey for a couple of years,” Orton told Loyalty360. “The first step....

Why You Should Embrace Your “Social Activists”

John Ginovsky

Social activism and associated “movements” may often engender headaches among old-line business leaders who generally just want to get the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

However, a recent report by Weber Shandwick details something these old-liners probably should embrace. The PR firm calls it “a rising social movement ignited by the digital and social media—employee activists.”

These are the welcome kind of activists, it seems. They are employees who draw favorable visibility to ....

Barclays Monetizes Off Customization and Personalization for iPad Banking Success

Michelle Saettler

Barclays has launched an app for iPad with features that ooze customization to give institutional clients content when and how they want it.

The app piggybacks off the brand’s Web-based portal that combines Barclays Capital and LehmanLive analytical tools, research and indices, as well as trading, risk management and reporting systems into a single site for clientele. As banks look to ramp up their mobile know-how, the app is an interesting example of how mobile can be leveraged for internal uses at financial institutions.

Creative Content Marketing for Financial Services: 3 Examples

Kevin Cain

As if the financial services industry hasn’t been beat up enough over the past few years, it’s also gotten something of a bad rap for its lackluster content marketing.

Let’s face it, while investment banks, asset managers, and other financial service providers are ahead of the curve in some ways, when it comes to content marketing, that’s rarely the case. Not only is the industry dealing with such heady topics as derivatives clearing and credit default swaps, it’s also hemmed in by an overwhelming array of complex and continuously evolving regulations.

Bridge or Barrier? Selling Life Insurance to Millennials

Erick Schmidt

When economic times are tough, life insurance companies are one of the first to feel the pressure. Within the larger financial picture, life insurance can be pushed into the background of “nice to have”. The expense doesn’t always seem worth the benefit, especially to younger audiences who aren’t yet concerned with their end of life plans. This audience needs to see the benefits of life insurance and how it fits into their lives in order to begin a relationship with your company. Instead, some companies are using a strategy of guilt and fear to reach the audience.

How to Be an Efficient & Effective Marketer (Without Losing Your Sanity)

Diana Urban

As a marketer, you're an extremely busy person. In fact, your hair has already settled in small clumps on the floor after a glance at your task list made you pull it all out.

Hopefully you can take some comfort in this: you're not alone.

These days, marketers need to be responsible for traffic generation, website upkeep, blogging, social media publishing and monitoring, lead generation, email blasts, product marketing, sales training ... I could keep going, but you get the picture.

So how is a marketer to juggle all this on top of ...

B2C Email Marketing More Effective Than You Think: 58% Might Buy After Reading

Brafton Editorial

You know email is still one of the best ways to reach your customers – and by putting digital content formats like white papers and infographics behind download walls, it’s easier to build up contact lists. Survey data released by Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) shows email marketing does more than fuel outreach efforts – it’s actually driving sales,​ too​.

Linking Data with Desire: A Q&A with MasterCard Loyalty Solutions


Most marketers might not see MasterCard as a matchmaker, but its Card Linked Offers does just that – it partners payment card issuers and merchants so they can win over the customers they seek.

Specifically, the program couples issuer data with cardholder spending insights to deliver personalized offers that are relevant. The more a cardholder spends with a merchant, the more tailored the offers can become. Because the offer is linked to a payment card, the customer never has to show a coupon – the savings automatically happen...

Why Interactive Images Will be the Next Big Thing

Joseph Dumont

Marketers are always looking for a game changer. Here's how image-based interactive marketing will explode on the world stage.

How much can you do with your images? Today, image formats are extremely limited. Marketers generally have JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs to work with before they begin to dip into richer media like Flash and video. Every day, brands upload millions of images to the web. Sadly, those images are not being utilized to their full potential.

Mobile Payments Will Force Credit Card Marketers to Rethink Branding

Kerri Williams

For decades, the credit card has represented more than an alternate payment option, evolving into a larger social symbol—one of status, milestones, and personal identity.

I'll admit, the assurance that I'd become both a real adult and a professional came with the arrival of my first corporate card. At business dinners, the shiny platinum color resting atop the table's bill sparked some of my first financial aspirations. On outing with friends I learned about favorite teams, important social causes, and personal interests from the piece of plastic they choose to swipe.