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Fidelity Investments' Marketing Leads with Digital


Fidelity Investments' CMO James Speros spoke to eMarketer about how his firm’s campaigns lead with digital and why marketing in general is particularly important in a down economy.

eMarketer: How has Fidelity marketing and the media mix changed since you took over as CMO in 2008?

James Speros: The complexity and velocity of change with technology and the need to just ensure that we stay on top of trends and the digital space has increased dramatically.

Our media mix has evolved considerably. When I joined here in 2008 15% of our marketing dollars were going into digital. Today we spend 40% in the digital space. We believe it’s crucial to stay on top of that space in all of its manifestations.

eMarketer: Can you talk a bit about some of the complexities and challenges of being in a regulated industry and how that affects what you do?

Speros: It affects us in the context of social media. The financial services category as a whole has not been a first mover...

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