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Mobile World Congress: Visa and MasterCard Rollout Enhanced M-Commerce Platforms

Matt Kapko

Visa and MasterCard are both using Mobile World Congress, the world's biggest stage for mobile, to reveal deeper efforts for mobile payments across the globe. MasterCard launched MasterPass, an enhanced version of its mobile wallet PayPass, while Visa announced a global partnership with Samsung and a group of technology providers that will broaden its mobile payment program and enable third parties to connect to the system.

"We all know that the center of commerce will be these devices," says Jim McCarthy, head of global product at Visa. "It's not just about using these devices to pay, but also the fact that today in the Visa ecosystem we have 30 million merchants but the fact is there are over 7 billion of these devices that can be turned into terminals and turn consumers into merchants for payment."
The deal with ...

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