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Converting and Retaining Policyholders in Real-Time: Using Customer Insight to Drive Success

In today’s multichannel, multitasking environment, getting insurance prospects or existing customers to convert requires strategy and planning. Smart insurers today understand that with the digital age, customers demand immediacy and they expect marketers to know their needs – in real time. This need for real-time technology not only helps insurers anticipate customer needs, but it assists companies to better message consumers and create relevance and loyalty.

To remain competitive, insurance marketers must offer the right products and services, as well as create personal experiences with their brands. What’s the best way to achieve that? By using real-time technology and insight. By blending customer data and real-time solutions, marketers can create relevant messaging that speaks to customers’ current activities to maximize marketing opportunities. Marketers that understand how to link offline and customer interactions can send more effective messaging in real time and will realize stronger returns and increased customer loyalty.

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