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Answers to 10 Email Marketing Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

Ginny Soskey

When I first started out with email marketing, I felt lost. I had been handling the blog and social media accounts, then suddenly I had to take on some email duties. I immediately needed to understand things like what a hard bounce was (and how it was different from a soft bounce), how to determine a good clickthrough rate from a bad one, and why my emails looked perfectly fine in Gmail but got completely screwed up in Hotmail.

Are You a Direct Marketer?

Ginger Conlon

With so much focus shifting from traditional to digital channels, you may ask yourself whether you're actually a direct marketer. Since direct marketing is a practice that's channel agnostic, even if your focus is primarily on digital marketing, it's likely that you may very well be a direct marketer. To be certain, consider these 10 signs that point directly to direct marketing.
You're a direct marketer if you: ...

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