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Marketers Must Understand Digital Transformation In a Modern World

Dominic James and Alex Shaida

Marketers need to be on the forefront of the digital revolution, or else they risk becoming expendable and irrelevant in their industry.
The world is changing faster than ever and digital disruption is right at the heart of it. It's something we see frequently in the media, and it's often mentioned by our work colleagues. Whether it's Google's self-driving cars, the role of Twitter in the Arab Spring, or the fact that "selfie" is now in the dictionary, the digital revolution is changing things all around us.

Amazon to Launch Credit Card Reader to Compete with Square, Leaked Papers Suggest

Trevor Mogg

There’ve been a number of news stories in recent months suggesting Amazon is on the cusp of launching its own mobile credit card reader to take on the likes of Square and PayPal Here, with the latest of these reports, which landed Sunday, adding further weight to the idea that such a device is in the works.
Additional evidence that the e-commerce giant is about to announce new hardware came via internal documents from Staples, 9to5Mac reported.

5 Trends Influencing Marketing Today and, More so, Tomorrow

Ginger Conlon

From marketing tools to customer behaviors, here are five developments that continue to gain steam—and what to do about them.

Neiman Marcus Enables Visa Checkout to Boost ecommerce Conversion


U.S. department store Neiman Marcus has added Visa Checkout as a payment method for its ecommerce site to make shopping online easier for its consumers.
Through Visa Checkout, consumers create one account and then login on participating sites, without having to enter their credit card information every time. The more work consumers have to do to make a purchase, the more likely they are to abandon their carts, so this new method of payment should ...

Marketing: The 'Yes, We Can Do It—Wait, What's the Question?' Department

Allison Schiff

Mo data, mo channels, mo tools, mo customer expectations—mo problems. Marketers need to get a handle on their workloads or their productivity, and their sanity, will suffer.
What isn't considered marketing these days? Customer service, branding, analytics, tech, even procurements; if something impacts the customer experience, the responsibility—and the repercussions—often fall directly into marketing's already overfilled court.

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