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Epsilon Rebrands as End-to-End Marketing Solution

Al Urbanski

The goal is to flame the perception that technology and creativity live under one roof at the company, says President Andy Frawley.
Epsilon, the Alliance Data-owned company whose menu spans data collection, agency creative services, and cross-channel execution, today announced a “major rebranding” designed to make CMOs aware of its wide capabilities.
“This rebranding is a culmination of a process we started over a year ago called ...

How to Prevent the Failure of Marketing's Future

Denise E. Zimmerman

Digital is a core driver of the future of media, marketing, and advertising, and that future is now. For those of us who gladly toil in the industry, day in and day out, the future leaps before us on a daily basis. Yet we, as an industry, are woefully unprepared. If you are reading this, you most likely can relate to the challenge of finding the right talent and experience. It is a pervasive issue. The OMI State of Digital Marketing Talent Report reveals worrying statistics in regards to the current state of talent in digital marketing.

MasterCard’s Apple Pay alternative: A card with NFC and a fingerprint sensor

Devindra Hardawar

Not to be outdone by Apple’s upcoming mobile payment solution, MasterCard has unveiled its own vision of secure NFC-based payments.
MasterCard has partnered with Zwipe, a company that develops fingerprint sensors, to create a credit card that includes both contactless payments and biometric security. The “Zwipe MasterCard” will work similarly to Apple Pay: You can just hold the card up to a payment terminal and authenticate a transaction with your fingerprint.
MasterCard, one of Apple’s premiere Apple Pay partners, has ...

What Apple Pay Could Mean for Retailers


Apple is a tech-scene rockstar. Announcements for new products are treated like blowout concerts—highly exclusive events with such high demand for attendance that the September 9, 2014 event had a corresponding livestream and U2 performance for those who wanted to watch from home. The marquee event announced the hotly anticipated iWatch and iPhone 6, a newer version of the current iPhone with a larger screen and better battery life. But arguably the most interesting announcement of all revealed Apple Pay, enabled by the iPhone 6′s NFC capabilities.

W3C Launches a Payments Interest Group to Monetize the Web

Jack Schofield

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is working to develop open standards that will enable companies and individuals to make secure payments over the web. Today (Wednesday 15 October) it launched a Payments Interest Group, which it hopes will attract industry participants from banks and card providers, e-commerce companies, merchants, the suppliers of browsers and digital wallets, telecoms operators and other interested parties, including regulatory bodies.

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