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Targeting & Segmentation

When Should Marketers Send Holiday-Themed Emails?

Ayaz Nanji

Christmas-themed and general winter holiday season emails have higher open rates when sent weeks or even months earlier than immediately before the target holiday, according to a recent report from Yesmail Interactive.
However, themed emails for holidays that do not usually involve gift-giving (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday) have the best open rates right before the holiday or ...

Marketers Debate Quality Versus Quantity in Lead Generation

Perry Simpson

Most marketers agree that lead generation has never been easy. But it's been further complicated by the disjointed purchase habits of today's multi-device, multichannel customer. In the past the main priority in terms of lead generation for marketers has been to generate as many leads as possible; but that's proving to be much harder when businesses struggle to classify leads as, well, leads.

What Does Your Retargeting Budget Look Like?


Do you use retargeting? If not, you’re part of a small group of marketers who don’t, based on an August 2014 study by Marin Software. Fully 88% of US marketers polled used retargeting, and the majority of respondents who hadn’t implemented retargeting appeared to have caught on to the trend: 56% were planning to start executing the tactic within 12 months.
Display was the most popular channel for retargeting, used by 81% of marketers. Search came in second, at 77%, while social, mobile and ...

Stop Wasting Marketing Dollars on Poor Customer Experiences

Ginger Conlon

Dear Business Leaders,
You're all customers. You buy items for work and for home, travel, go to shows or movies. So why is it that you subject customers to situations that you'd be appalled to experience yourself? Think about it: You spend all this money on marketing to woo and keep customers, then deliver some awful experience that flushes your marketing investment right down the toilet.

Reuniting: How JetBlue, Fifth Third Bank, Hertz and others Re-Engage Lapsed Loyalty Members

Lisa Biank Fasig

When it comes to enrolling in loyalty programs, many Americans have eyes bigger than their wallets, or their attention spans.

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