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Targeting & Segmentation

Keeping Millennials Happy Is Now Its Own Genre of Management Training

Cory Weinberg

Young professionals are restless, especially in banking jobs. Now managers are making it their business to learn what makes them tick.

This Is How Your Financial Data Is Being Used to Serve You Ads

Sam Thielman

Wait, who sees my credit card bill, again?
We've done a lot of work here at Adweek on ROI data, and a few readers have asked that we explain what on earth we're talking about, because it's a somewhat scary phenomenon to consumers—especially in an age when surveillance is such a hot topic—and a thrilling opportunity to advertisers.
Here's the short version: Everyone in advertising is buying exhaustive records of your purchases—all your purchases—and comparing them to your viewing habits so that they know which ads you saw and whether or not they changed your behavior.

Marketers: Plug In These Numbers

Jack Loechner

According to the American Consumers Newsletter by Cheryl Russell, Editorial Director, New Strategist Press, here’s a collection of hot trend metrics and back stories, for classic marketing segmentation.
2013 Births, Population and Projections
At first glance, the 2013 estimate of births in the United States changed little: the 3,957,577 estimate of 2013 was only 4,736 greater than 2012 and remained at a level 8% below the all-time high of 4,316,233 in 2007.

It’s Time to Bust Marketing Silos, Get Integrated

Scott Vaughan

Marketing has clear marching orders to define, discover, engage and delight customers every day, along each step of the buyer’s journey—from prospect to loyal customer. While this has always been a business goal, the impetus is now squarely on marketing chiefs and their teams to make it happen. We also operate in a world where consumers and business pros alike have new levels of expectations; the bar for marketing’s performance has been set as high as their customer’s best experience with their favorite brand.

Keys to Measuring Success in a Multi-channel World

Jennifer Vlahavas

Increasingly complex and comprised of multiple touchpoints, the consumer journey is no longer straightforward, which calls into question whether it even follows the stages of the traditional marketing funnel any more. Instead of engaging along a linear route leading to a purchase, marketers are now confronted with the challenge of reaching consumers in situations their predecessors a generation ago wouldn't have foreseen.

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