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Targeting & Segmentation

Stop Wasting Marketing Dollars on Poor Customer Experiences

Ginger Conlon

Dear Business Leaders,
You're all customers. You buy items for work and for home, travel, go to shows or movies. So why is it that you subject customers to situations that you'd be appalled to experience yourself? Think about it: You spend all this money on marketing to woo and keep customers, then deliver some awful experience that flushes your marketing investment right down the toilet.

Reuniting: How JetBlue, Fifth Third Bank, Hertz and others Re-Engage Lapsed Loyalty Members

Lisa Biank Fasig

When it comes to enrolling in loyalty programs, many Americans have eyes bigger than their wallets, or their attention spans.

Banks Missing Out on Leveraging Loyal Clients

John Ginovsky

Banks are under-leveraging their loyal customer bases, missing out on opportunities to increase top-line growth by cross-selling additional services, according to findings of a comprehensive survey of U.S. bank customers conducted for FICO.
Consumers today use 6.05 banking services on average, but use only 3.37 of these services from their primary bank (where they keep their checking account). Only 30% of consumers surveyed have relationships with their primary bank that extend beyond checking, debit, and savings.
Some 78% ...

Keeping Millennials Happy Is Now Its Own Genre of Management Training

Cory Weinberg

Young professionals are restless, especially in banking jobs. Now managers are making it their business to learn what makes them tick.

This Is How Your Financial Data Is Being Used to Serve You Ads

Sam Thielman

Wait, who sees my credit card bill, again?
We've done a lot of work here at Adweek on ROI data, and a few readers have asked that we explain what on earth we're talking about, because it's a somewhat scary phenomenon to consumers—especially in an age when surveillance is such a hot topic—and a thrilling opportunity to advertisers.
Here's the short version: Everyone in advertising is buying exhaustive records of your purchases—all your purchases—and comparing them to your viewing habits so that they know which ads you saw and whether or not they changed your behavior.

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