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Linking Data with Desire: A Q&A with MasterCard Loyalty Solutions


Most marketers might not see MasterCard as a matchmaker, but its Card Linked Offers does just that – it partners payment card issuers and merchants so they can win over the customers they seek.
Specifically, the program couples issuer data with cardholder spending insights to deliver personalized offers that are relevant. The more a cardholder spends with a merchant, the more tailored the offers can become. Because the offer is linked to a payment card, the customer never has to show a coupon – the savings automatically happen...

Facebook Could Use Money Transfers To Extend WhatsApp And Non-Ad Revenue

Ingrid Lunden

The FT is reporting that Facebook is looking at e-money services — including the ability for people to make peer-to-peer money transfers using money that is stored on Facebook itself — and has applied for an e-money license in Ireland as part of that. Facebook has declined to comment on the report, but we have confirmed with sources some of the details of what is going on.

MasterCard Dives Deeper into Mobile with In-App Payments, C-SAM Acquisition

Kevin Fitchard

MasterCard wants to tap the growing economy within mobile applications. At Mobile World Congress on Sunday, the financial transaction titan plans to announce new capabilities to its MasterPass digital payments service that will let developers embed a bevy of different mobile payments option into smartphone apps.

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