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Users Concerned About Someone Else Reading Their Email


More than eight in 10 worry about email service providers reading their email
Three-quarters of US email users—which represent nearly all internet users in the country—are worried about someone reading their email, according to research from Virtru conducted by Harris Interactive.
Relatively few people were “extremely concerned,” while a plurality fell into the “somewhat concerned” bucket. No demographic factors, including age, income and presence of children in household, seemed to ...

Tags: Email, Privacy

More Than Nine in 10 Internet Users Worry About Online Privacy


Internet users most concerned about businesses sharing their personal data
Internet users are more concerned about their online privacy than ever before, according to December 2013 research conducted by Harris Interactive for data privacy management firm TRUSTe.
Overall, 92% of US internet users reported worrying about their privacy online, up slightly from 89% in January 2013. Further, 74% of respondents said they were more concerned about their privacy than they had been a ...

Redefining Online Privacy

Matt Grebow

Those who have closely followed recent revelations about U.S. government inquiries into online user data could be excused for thinking all internet tracking perpetrates an inexcusable breach of trust. Last summer's leaks, alleging the National Security Agency had been granted direct access to the servers of Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other internet companies, have understandably caused alarm among consumer and privacy advocates.

Does Your Car Need a Privacy Policy? The AAA Says, Yes

Kate Kaye

Most new car buyers may not realize it, but they've probably signed an agreement allowing the maker of their new ride to track data on car location and times of day they're behind the wheel.
Today, following a recently-introduced Driver Privacy Act and increased interest by the Federal Trade Commission in vehicle data tracking practices, AAA suggested best practices for car companies to protect consumer driving data.
The three principles are simple enough: provide transparency of what data is collected and ...

'Truth About Privacy' Study Reveals 4 B's that Define Social Media Sharing and Privacy

Helen Leggatt

The evolving nature of what is acceptable behavior on social media has been researched by McCann Worldgroup's consumer intelligence unit, McCann Truth Central. It reveals changing attitudes towards 'oversharing' and styles of communication among both users and brands.
According to McCann's latest Truth About Privacy report, there has been a 'privacy backlash' over the last two years with users, particularly those in the younger age brackets, preferring more private networks such as Snapchat.
"We found evidence of a new trend towards ...

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