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Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL): Why Text Message Marketing is Much Safer than E-Mail Marketing

Bob Bentz

Marketing in Canada sure changed on Canada Day (July 1, 2014) this year. That’s when the new Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL) went into effect.
CASL provides one of the strictest anti-spam regulations in the world and it’s clearly designed to drive spammers out of Canada. And, if you think you’re exempt just because your company is headquartered in the States, think again. Canadian regulatory agencies are working closely with US regulators like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to enforce both CASL and its US version, ironically called the CAN-SPAM Act...

PayPal Report Cites Security Fears as Annoyance in Mobile Payments

Mark Hamstra

Consumers continue to resist mobile payments as concerns over data security loom large in ecommerce transactions, according to a new global survey from digital-payments platform PayPal.
While 78 percent of respondents said paying online is easy, a full 42 percent said they do not use mobile devices for payment. The survey, which polled 15,105 adult banked consumers in 15 countries, also found that Americans felt much more secure about sharing financial data online than consumers in many other countries....

Canada Shines a Northern Light on Email

Xenia (Senny) Boone

As American marketers, we can sometimes become so involved with our lives and businesses here at home that we don't stop to think about what's happening outside of our own borders. But some regulations are coming down the pike that may shake us out of our complacency.
Right now, the international data-driven digital community is preparing for a new wave of regulations as data-driven marketers look to our neighbors to the north. On July 1 Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL) will go into effect and limit marketers' ability to send emails for commercial purposes.

CASL’s Impact on Email Marketers

Jeanne Jennings

This guest post from Matt Vernhout explores the impact Canada's anti-spam legislation will have on email marketers, and offers tips for how to prepare for the upcoming changes.

Pay Attention: Net-Neutrality Rules Could Shake Up Online Advertising

Kate Kaye

At this point, the topic may make your eyes glaze over. But make no mistake: net neutrality is a big deal for that ad business, and in turn, the ad-supported media ecosystem.
The companies that control the last mile of the Internet -- the likes of Comcast and Time Warner Cable -- would like to be able to charge different prices for the use of their pipes into the home.
But while the net neutrality debate has focused on companies that provide entertainment or services on the web -- Google, Facebook and Netflix, for example -- it is also significant for ...

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