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Measuring success in a multichannel world: Effective attribution in financial services

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THE CHALLENGE: As many as 80% of marketers continue to use “last click” methods as part of their primary attribution marketing strategy. Are you part of the 80%? In this complex, omnichannel environment, you must move beyond traditional attribution models to understand what’s truly driving consumers to convert so you can allocate advertising budgets more effectively.

Q3 2013 Email Trends and Benchmarks

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Beyond the Welcome

From new technologies to mobile devices, the ways in which consumers engage with email continue to evolve. So far, this year we have witnessed the development of several new strategies and solutions that have advanced the email channel and its impact on consumer behavior.

Creating the highest quality insurance prospects through lead optimization

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THE CHALLENGE: As many as 73% of consumers visit at least one insurer’s website when shopping for insurance. Now more than ever, insurance marketers need to capture online leads and focus on attracting more high-quality online visitors.

Q2 2013 North American Email Trends and Benchmarks

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Buck the Trends
Epsilon’s latest Email Trends & Benchmark Report reveals higher open rates mixed with declining click-through rates.
However, a deeper look at the metrics reveals:
• Which industry sectors are getting it right with high click-to-open rates
• The best and worst performing email message types
• The metric that shows marketers are getting better at keeping subscribers engaged
• Which vertical is the best at engaging new subscribers

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