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Is Prepaid/Mobile Convergence a Bank Threat?

John Ginovsky

The rapid convergence of prepaid and mobile commerce is creating significant opportunities for merchants and other stakeholder groups to push banks and other day-to-day money management service providers down the value chain further and faster than ever before.
This is the view expressed by Mobey Forum in “The Prepaid Mobile Wallet: Taking Prepaid into Account,” the latest instalment in the global, bank-driven business association’s series of mobile wallet white papers.
The paper contends that innovative prepaid service models and ...

British Banking Association Reports on Britain's Banking 'Revolution'

Helen Leggatt

Contactless cards, payment by mobile and SMS balance alerts are just some of the mobile and Internet banking features that the British public is adopting in what is being dubbed a banking revolution.
Nearly £1 billion a day (US$1.7 billion) is being transacted via mobile and Internet banking in the UK, according to the British Banking Association's latest 'Way We Bank Now' report. New technology has given Brits the ability to take more control over how they manage and spend their money.

PayPal Report Cites Security Fears as Annoyance in Mobile Payments

Mark Hamstra

Consumers continue to resist mobile payments as concerns over data security loom large in ecommerce transactions, according to a new global survey from digital-payments platform PayPal.
While 78 percent of respondents said paying online is easy, a full 42 percent said they do not use mobile devices for payment. The survey, which polled 15,105 adult banked consumers in 15 countries, also found that Americans felt much more secure about sharing financial data online than consumers in many other countries....

Why Marketing as We Know it Will End in 2016

Geoff Ramsey

Are those impact tremors? Here is the approaching earthquake that every marketer needs to prepare for.
"Desktopocalypse": By 2016, ad spend on desktop will be violently eclipsed by mobile.

Will Apple Disintermediate Banks from Mobile Payment?

Renee Caruthers

For a while now, parties interested in mobile payment have been eyeing the space to see what will be the catalyst to take mobile payment to the next level. Apple, because of the iPhone's dominance in the mobile phone market and the loyalty of its user base, is viewed as having the potential to be that game changer.

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