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Here's to the Branchless Bank

Tom Levey

Some years ago NatWest bank ran a TV ad campaign which depicted an elderly lady struggling through a snowy high street trying to find a bank, only to find that every branch had been turned into a ‘trendy wine bar’. The message was that no amount of telephone banking (the Internet was then in its infancy) could replace the security and convenience of popping into your local branch and chatting to a familiar bank manager.

Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL): Why Text Message Marketing is Much Safer than E-Mail Marketing

Bob Bentz

Marketing in Canada sure changed on Canada Day (July 1, 2014) this year. That’s when the new Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL) went into effect.
CASL provides one of the strictest anti-spam regulations in the world and it’s clearly designed to drive spammers out of Canada. And, if you think you’re exempt just because your company is headquartered in the States, think again. Canadian regulatory agencies are working closely with US regulators like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to enforce both CASL and its US version, ironically called the CAN-SPAM Act...

3 Critical Statistics Shaping The Future Of Marketing

Rachel Serpa

Today’s seasoned marketers have weathered a slew of digital marketing fads, theories and game changers, from the dawn of email, to 3rd party tracking cookies and counting Facebook likes.
Yet, if there is one thing these marketing vets have learned, it’s that the marketing landscape will never stop evolving. And as channels like mobile, social and the Internet of Things continue to expand, these changes will only come faster and more frequently.

5 Trends Influencing Marketing Today and, More so, Tomorrow

Ginger Conlon

From marketing tools to customer behaviors, here are five developments that continue to gain steam—and what to do about them.

Pizza Hut, Staples Ready Rollout of Mobile-Friendly Visa Checkout

Mark Hamstra

Pizza Hut and Staples are among the merchants preparing to accept a new payment option from Visa that promises to streamline mobile checkout by digitizing consumers’ credit cards.
The new offering from Visa seeks to make payment easier by storing credit-card information online so that e-payments can be made on participating merchants’ Web sites without entering anything other than a name and password. It is replacing Visa’s previous efforts to roll out a mobile wallet through the offering.
“People have less and less time, and ...

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