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3 Simple Ways to Build Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age

Chris Malone

Counterbalance technological advancements with human interaction

Archivists at Coke, Wells Fargo, McDonald's Advocate for Marketers -- and Themselves

Natalie Zmuda

The event's signature drink is Red Rot.

When Points Go Cha-Ching! How Chase, American Express and Others Partner with Rewards Currency

Troy Land

An old complaint is that the dollar doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. Yet these days, loyalty reward points do.
This phenomenon is not so much an irony as it is a function of innovation among loyalty operators. Businesses have for decades recognized the financial benefits of rewarding customers for their brand loyalty. Program operators across industries, from healthcare to Broadway, have launched loyalty initiatives and relied on their points, offers and other incentives to engage and retain customers.
As these newcomers change ...

Reuniting: How JetBlue, Fifth Third Bank, Hertz and others Re-Engage Lapsed Loyalty Members

Lisa Biank Fasig

When it comes to enrolling in loyalty programs, many Americans have eyes bigger than their wallets, or their attention spans.

Banks Missing Out on Leveraging Loyal Clients

John Ginovsky

Banks are under-leveraging their loyal customer bases, missing out on opportunities to increase top-line growth by cross-selling additional services, according to findings of a comprehensive survey of U.S. bank customers conducted for FICO.
Consumers today use 6.05 banking services on average, but use only 3.37 of these services from their primary bank (where they keep their checking account). Only 30% of consumers surveyed have relationships with their primary bank that extend beyond checking, debit, and savings.
Some 78% ...

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