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Dove, Adidas, JetBlue, Others Top Loyalty Program Rankings

Kate Kaye

Dove, Adidas and JetBlue get high marks for loyalty program satisfaction, according to a new report from Bond Brand Loyalty, which has changed its name from Maritz Loyalty Marketing. In its fourth-annual study of more than 6,000 consumers, the agency found that 69% of participants in loyalty programs are satisfied with them.
"There aren't too many brands without some sort of loyalty program in place," said Scott Robinson, consumer loyalty strategist at Bond.

MasterCard: Engagement Isn’t Just a Fad

Bob Grothe

Do you remember when being “out of the box” actually meant something?
Plenty of fads in the business world have come and gone. In the early 2000s I remember how the loyalty industry was going to be reinvented with the advent of one-to-one marketing. Never mind the complexities of managing a million individual conversations systemically; it was where loyalty marketing was going.
If we only knew then that Twitter was around the corner – we could have saved countless hours in system designs that went nowhere.
More recently, the word “engagement” has ...

Getting Your Credit Card Loyalty Program Out of the Woods

Stephanie Cohen

If a bank operates a credit card loyalty program and no one knows about the benefits it offers, does the program really exist?
The old “tree fell in a forest” question came to me recently when reading this statistic, courtesy of J.D. Power: One third of consumers are unaware of the benefits available through their credit cards. So to those customers, the benefits do not exist. (This could include the benefits associated with their cards’ rewards programs.)

Orbitz Excited About Launch of Orbitz Rewards Visa Card

Jim Tierney

To say that Chris Orton, COO & President, Orbitz Worldwide, is excited about today’s launch of the Orbitz Rewards Visa Card would be an understatement.
Besides the plethora of benefits travelers can receive from the Orbitz Rewards Visa Card, Orton is confident his company’s new Rewards Visa Card is superior to any others in the industry. The new credit card launch comes six months after Orbitz unveiled its Orbitz Rewards loyalty program.
“We’ve been on a journey for a couple of years,” Orton told Loyalty360. “The first step....

Linking Data with Desire: A Q&A with MasterCard Loyalty Solutions


Most marketers might not see MasterCard as a matchmaker, but its Card Linked Offers does just that – it partners payment card issuers and merchants so they can win over the customers they seek.
Specifically, the program couples issuer data with cardholder spending insights to deliver personalized offers that are relevant. The more a cardholder spends with a merchant, the more tailored the offers can become. Because the offer is linked to a payment card, the customer never has to show a coupon – the savings automatically happen...

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