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Personalization Is Hiscox's Best Policy

Elyse Dupré

Small businesses owners can often feel like Goldilocks when selecting services. A database might be too small, or a technology solution might be too big. But rarely do they find services that fit their needs. Global insurance company Hiscox sought to change all of that by using data and segmentation to deliver personalized experiences that are just right.

Does Your Car Need a Privacy Policy? The AAA Says, Yes

Kate Kaye

Most new car buyers may not realize it, but they've probably signed an agreement allowing the maker of their new ride to track data on car location and times of day they're behind the wheel.
Today, following a recently-introduced Driver Privacy Act and increased interest by the Federal Trade Commission in vehicle data tracking practices, AAA suggested best practices for car companies to protect consumer driving data.
The three principles are simple enough: provide transparency of what data is collected and ...

Blue Cross Blue Shield Mocks in Latest Ads

Ken Wheaton

If were the product of a private-sector entity, it's likely that things would be playing out differently in the wake of its disastrous rollout. The figurative streets would be paved with figurative blood as heads rolled, legal action might be in the offing and competitors would definitely be jumping on the opportunity.
But it turns out that at least one company is taking advantage of the situation, if ever so gently...

Creating the highest quality insurance prospects through lead optimization

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THE CHALLENGE: As many as 73% of consumers visit at least one insurer’s website when shopping for insurance. Now more than ever, insurance marketers need to capture online leads and focus on attracting more high-quality online visitors.

Best Practices of Email Marketing for the Insurance Industry


A major part of your work as an insurance company is to create and keep up customer relationships and customer satisfaction. With this in mind, ask yourself a key question: How can an email marketing campaign help my business?

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