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15 Digital Facts Every Marketer Should Know

Natasha D Smith

Emails with no subject lines, CEOs on social media, and other top digital tips, trends, and stats for today's marketers.

Canada Shines a Northern Light on Email

Xenia (Senny) Boone

As American marketers, we can sometimes become so involved with our lives and businesses here at home that we don't stop to think about what's happening outside of our own borders. But some regulations are coming down the pike that may shake us out of our complacency.
Right now, the international data-driven digital community is preparing for a new wave of regulations as data-driven marketers look to our neighbors to the north. On July 1 Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL) will go into effect and limit marketers' ability to send emails for commercial purposes.

How Mobile Consumers Engage With Promotional Emails

Ayaz Nanji

Consumers decide to read promotional emails on their mobile devices primarily based on whether they recognize who the messages are coming from, according to a recent report from Campaigner.
Just over 42% of US consumers surveyed say familiarity with the sender's name is the main influence on deciding whether to open a promotional email on their mobile device. Other major factors include awareness of a special deal/price in the message (20.5% say it influences) and the email's subject line (20.3%)....

CASL’s Impact on Email Marketers

Jeanne Jennings

This guest post from Matt Vernhout explores the impact Canada's anti-spam legislation will have on email marketers, and offers tips for how to prepare for the upcoming changes.

How to Develop a Mutually Beneficial Relationship With Sales

Elise Musumano

Marketing and sales teams function best when in sync, but too often the two are opposed. If that's how it is at your company, here are six ways to change the unhealthy paradigm.
1. Don't rely on emails
Sales reps are accustomed to in-person communication and phone calls. You need to work with them. Just sending off emails and waiting for your colleagues to get back to you will not bring you success.

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