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What Really Defines your Brand?

Brian Higgins

It’s not your logo or your slogan that defines your brand. It’s the experience your customers and prospects have when interacting with your bank through which it is truly defined.
Unfortunately, many banks still treat their brand as something owned solely by Marketing.
Of course Marketing plays a key role
Yes, it was Marketing who started it...

Quick Guide to Big Data Use and Opportunities

Mallory Barbee

We’ve been hearing about big data for the past few years. But how many of us have taken the time to learn exactly what it is? Or how it is likely to affect our customers, and their businesses? And even our own banks?
In his Data Crush: How the Information Tidal Wave is Driving New Business Opportunities, Christopher Surdak argues that if companies hope to remain relevant over the next several years they must not only understand big data but take decisive steps to harness its power for themselves...

Here's to the Branchless Bank

Tom Levey

Some years ago NatWest bank ran a TV ad campaign which depicted an elderly lady struggling through a snowy high street trying to find a bank, only to find that every branch had been turned into a ‘trendy wine bar’. The message was that no amount of telephone banking (the Internet was then in its infancy) could replace the security and convenience of popping into your local branch and chatting to a familiar bank manager.

What These Banks Learned About Wearable Devices, Augmented Reality

Penny Crosman

When Westpac New Zealand recently took its Google Glass app on a road show to branches up and down the country, customer reactions took the bankers by surprise.
For example, customers were not as interested in using voice commands with wearable computers as expected. Many in the U.S. feel that voice commands are going to be the feature that makes wearables supremely useful, and Westpac's Google Glass app is set up so the user can ask things like ...

Even a Bank Can Go Viral If It Has Automated Thanking Machines

Grace Chung.

With a total of seven spots debuting, there's a fresh new lineup for this week's edition of the Viral Video Chart, which covers the seven days that ended Sunday.
Taking the crown at No. 1 is TD Bank with its "#TDThanksYou" campaign, which garnered 6.2 million views last week, according to Visible Measures.
For its annual customer appreciation day, the Toronto-based bank surprised focus group members with talking ATMs -- "Automated Thanking Machines" -- that dispensed personal gifts. The 3.5-minute tearjerker documents...

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