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5 Reasons You Should be Using Customer Journey Mapping

Salva O'Renick

Customer experience (CX) has become a priority for forwarding looking organizations. For good reason. CX looks at every touchpoint with the customer along their journey to becoming your customer.

Marketing: The 'Yes, We Can Do It—Wait, What's the Question?' Department

Allison Schiff

Mo data, mo channels, mo tools, mo customer expectations—mo problems. Marketers need to get a handle on their workloads or their productivity, and their sanity, will suffer.
What isn't considered marketing these days? Customer service, branding, analytics, tech, even procurements; if something impacts the customer experience, the responsibility—and the repercussions—often fall directly into marketing's already overfilled court.

Western Union Steps Up New Customer Acquisition via First Movie Partnership, Mobile Game

Lauren Johnson

Western Union and Twentieth Century Fox’s new campaign for the film “Rio 2” highlights a shift in how financial services are now turning to mobile promotions to acquire new customers in addition to promoting their services.
While many consumers may be familiar with Western Union’s money transfer services, some may not know about the company’s bill pay options, which the campaign hopes to address. Western Union worked with Google to create a mobile microsite and game for the promotion at ...

Three Things Digital-Savvy CMOs Are Doing Different

Ayaz Nanji

Two-thirds of CMOs report that they’re not ready to cope with social media, and 82% say they feel unprepared to deal with Big Data, according to a recent report from IBM's Institute for Business Value.
The study, based on interviews with 524 chief marketing officers around the world, also found that most respondents have not implemented various complex digital strategies: For example, just 20% say they are collaborating with customers on social media to a large extent, and only 13% are heavily using advanced analytics to capture customer insight across all touchpoints...

Answers to 10 Email Marketing Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

Ginny Soskey

When I first started out with email marketing, I felt lost. I had been handling the blog and social media accounts, then suddenly I had to take on some email duties. I immediately needed to understand things like what a hard bounce was (and how it was different from a soft bounce), how to determine a good clickthrough rate from a bad one, and why my emails looked perfectly fine in Gmail but got completely screwed up in Hotmail.

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